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With Security Fence System, there are several different types of temporary fencing options for you to choose from in New York. When it comes to choosing the best temporary fencing for your business, you should decide the best use of your fence. Not only are there different styles of temporary fencing there are also many additional products you can add to protect your site and your fence as well. Our business has experience providing temporary fencing and additional items to businesses, festivals, and construction sites for over 27 years.

Do you own your own construction company?

Then we don’t need to tell you how important your bottom line is. If the idea of having to rent fencing options again has already got you grasping at your wallet, we have the cost-saving solution for you.

You need fencing for your business—you just don’t need all the added costs that go along with repetitive rentals. If you are ready to begin a new job, read on to find out all the great advantages of buying temporary fencing in New York.

It’s all about the safety

Construction and renovation sites need to be safe and secured. If you can’t remove the hazards from your work area, then it is up to you to protect people from them.

Children, passersby, heck, virtually anyone can gain access to your site if it is not properly fortified. Having a temporary fence in place prevents unauthorized personnel from entering your site and exposing themselves to injury—and you to a costly lawsuit.

By owning temporary fencing, you have complete control of how and when your barriers need to be used for your build site in New York.

Temporary fencing helps cut costs

Construction companies work on sites—lots of them. So, unless this is your first job, you know you will need to use temporary fencing often.

While springing for fence rentals can come in handy for those occasional projects, those costs can add up if you need fencing regularly.

Why pay more when you don’t have to for temporary fencing? Owning it outright can save you a bundle down the road. And the best part? If you don’t have the immediate funds, we can also set you up with a rent-to-own program with our in-house financing for fencing purchase. So, you can save while enjoying all the benefits of fence ownership.

Choices galore!

Temporary fencing. You need it—we got it! Whatever industry you are in, you need a fencing solution that is going to be able to stand up to whatever job they enclose.

Whether it is for a residential, commercial, construction, or demolition project, we have a wide range of temporary fencing options for your convenience.

Our fence and gate possibilities come in a wide range of sizes and weights—perfect to handle all your barrier needs in the Greater Tri-state area.

If you are looking for a permanent solution to temporary fencing in New York, look no further than Security Fence Systems . We have all the tough, durable, easy to install fences you could ask for and more.

When fence rentals just won’t do, reach out to our friendly team at Access Fence for quality temporary fencing.

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